Welcome to Legendmaster Games, your gateway to epic gaming!

We are a small game design company based out of the twin cities that design various tabletop games. We believe that games are at their best when they include an emphasis on strategy and theme. Outlined below are the main aspects our games try to include:

  • Strategy. We believe that games are at their best when player's choices have a greater effect on the game than luck. Our games make sure that player's choices make a difference, and offer many different paths for a player to take. 


  • Theme. We believe that the best games feel less like a game, and more like an experience. Theme is always the start of our game design process, and our games strive to include a more flavorful, theme-filled experience than others.


  • Game Length. We believe that there is a time and place for short games, but the best games are games you have to make time for. Our games usually put time in the back seat in favor of a more grand and immersive experience. 


  • Complexity. We believe that complex, but streamlined games can have more to offer than simpler games. Our games strive to remain streamlined while also including the best experience possible. 

If this sounds like your sort of game, hooray! We hope to be releasing numerous games, but for now our only game is Warlords of Enthond. You can check it out Here