Hi! I'm Josiah Heintzman, the owner of Legendmaster Games.

I am a 17-yr old tabletop game enthusiast who has been designing games since 2017. I started this company to start sharing my games with the world! 

I registered the business in the spring of 2023 and am launching the early edition of my first game: Warlords of Enthond. 

I hope to be releasing and pitching more games in the near future!

My Board Game Journey

I have been playing board games since grade school and have always had a fascination for creating my own variants and rules. My board game design hobby began when I played Dominion for the first time. I loved the game but didn't want to buy it. So, I decided to make my own. 

Since then, I have made dozens of games, and have been working towards making them more professional. A big step along the way was taking the Game Design Merit Badge, I learned many good practices there. I am blessed to live in a neighborhood of many good; game-loving friends who have supported me with my game-design process.

Fall of 2022 I decided to start putting myself out there and began working on the business. I hope that this business will help me along the way to becoming a professional game-designer and learn new skills.